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Can detoxing help your gut health?

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The detox diets so common in the first few weeks of the year should be good for our gut bacteria, shouldn’t they?

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If you’ve over-indulged of late, then the idea of detox may well appeal – flushing out the Christmas and New Year excesses, and negotiating the start of the year afresh. There are plenty of products that offer help, from detox massages and smoothies to herbal teas and starvation diets. You can find promises of glowing skin, weight loss and a healthier you that can help you shrug off the sluggishness of mid-winter. Rinsing your system of impurities sounds like a good way to start the year, but is there any evidence that it works?  

The word detox is used in two very different ways. The first refers to the medical detoxification programmes that help people with a serious alcohol or drug problems to get clean. ??

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