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Is Alcohol on Paleo Diets Banned?

When the weekend hits, it’s natural that you’d want to relax and have some fun. For many people, that includes heading to a favorite hangout and having a few drinks. You wouldn’t need to give much thought to what you’re drinking unless you’re on the paleo diet.

On this diet, you’ve noticed that you feel better and look great, but your eating habits have started affecting your ability to eat or drink whatever is offered when you do go out.

So does this mean that if you’re on a paleo diet that you can’t have any alcohol? No, that’s not what it means at all. Being on the paleo diet means you just need to be aware of the choices when you do drink.

Some drink choices are high in sugar content and can also affect your weight loss efforts, your healthy living efforts and even your fat loss. There are many choices that don’t affect a paleo diet and those are the drinks that you’ll want to consume.

What you do need to know is that alcohol is not paleo. The reason that it doesn’t qualify is because the ingredients don’t fit paleo guidelines as well as being unhealthy for your liver.

But that doesn’t mean every kind of alcohol is off limits. With moderation, you can have alcohol while you’re on a paleo diet. If you want a drink, one of the best choices you can pick is to have a glass of wine, but not all wines will be good for a paleo diet.

Wine is recommended by doctors for good health if it’s red wine. This kind of wine offers many health benefits such as helping to protect your heart and bringing down high cholesterol levels.

Out of all the alcohol options you can choose from, red wine is the most widely accepted when you’re on a paleo diet. If you love beer, then you’re going to have to learn to prefer another type of alcohol because beer isn’t compatible with a paleo diet.

It contains grains like barley and hops. Plus, beer is pretty high in sugar even if it’s light beer. If an alcoholic drink is more grain based, then you want to stay away from it. You want to pay attention to preservatives and make sure that the drink has the least amount of sugar possible.

You can have vodka as long as it’s not grain based and you can also have rum and tequila. You’ll want to stay away from bourbon and whiskey. The best way to include alcohol in your paleo diet though, is to drink in moderation. Consuming a lot of alcohol adds extra sugar and empty calories to your diet.

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