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5 Mental Tricks to Combat Your Fears

The emotional reaction to a perceived threat is fear. This is a normal and healthy response in life which keeps us from getting into harmful situations; it also helps us decide when to get out of situations that are not essentially the best. Ordinarily, fear can be handled through reason and logic. This prevents it from taking over our lives or causing us to become irrational. Fear can metamorphosize into phobia, such that the normal fear response becomes something that is hard or impossible to manage. As a result, it can stunt your overall development as a person. In addition to hindering you from achieving your true potential, fear can be an obstruction to many great things in life.

We discovered some mental tricks to combat your fears and we’ll share 5 of them below.

1. Think About Death

Every day, every minute someone dies – both the young and old. Thinking about death will remind you that no one lives forever. It will give you the boldness to really fight for what is important to you, therefore it is a great idea to embrace life, living to the fullest. Today you are presented with an opportunity to do what you should do. Do not let your fears condition you to rely on tomorrow for tomorrow may not come to you.

2. Think About the Enormity of the Universe

Thinking about the vastness of the world and all that is in it will help you see that everything is in order in the complex creation. Neither the stars nor planets collide with each other. Now see how small your challenges compare to the immensity of the world. That’s how insignificant you’ll begin to see your fear.

3. Think About Your Life As Your Dream

View you life as your dream – it belongs to you. no one else can live it better than you do. In this dream, you can influence the experiences you face and your reaction to them. When you’re asleep and you dream, you’re never worried about what others think about you – do the same with your life. As long as your acts aren’t devious or evil, don’t worry about the consequences. Your life, your dream, you only live once!

4. Think About Doing Your Best and Do it

Get rid of any negative thoughts about failure, embarrassment and the likes and jut put your best foot forward. Many of those who, at one time, had the fear of speaking in public embraced this trick and it worked for them. Turn your focus away from yourself toward what you’re doing and deliver it as best as you can. If you couldn’t do it, you wouldn’t have had this chance – think about it.

5. Think About Your Fears As Relative
Putting things into perspective will help you see your challenges or fears as relative – nothing is too awful or too significant. Remember how anxious you were when you took that important exam? Or when you walked down the aisle to spend the rest of your life with your spouse? Think of fear as relative.

We hope that you’ll use at least one, if not all 5 mental tricks to combat your fears. Let us know how they worked for you.