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10 Rational Fears

Rational fears have to be the most difficult to concur. This is mostly because they are things that could actually happen, or things that have happened to someone you know. When trying to deal with rational fears, the best form of defense will be a support group, some therapy and safe guarding yourself as best as you can to avoid situations that will give those fears a higher probability of occurring.

Here are 10 rational fears that most of us have:

Fear of being lonely: Many of us despise being alone. This is when you get into your own head and start thinking dark, uncomfortable thoughts. Solution is to find more ways to be sociable.

Fear of losing a limb: Most of us cannot fathom living without any one of our limbs. The best way to avoid this fear is to find ways to safe-guard yourself from unnecessary and preventable accidents.

Fear of losing: No one likes losing at anything. Unfortunately, every now and again you are going to lose at something. The best way to deal with this is to prepare yourself well for any test and to treat failure as a lesson rather than a proclamation of your status.

Fear of poverty: We all want nice things. The solution is to work hard, smart and keep going until you get what you want, legally.

Fear of contamination and diseases: No one likes being sick. The pain of disease has created a rational fear of contamination and infection in many. The solution is to live as healthily as you can and to avoid contamination as much as possible.

Fear of discrimination: It is no longer just about black or white. People of all walks of life get discriminated against in many different ways. Although you cannot control what someone else does, you can control your reaction to it. If sensitization does not work, simply walk away and try again some place else.

Fear of losing your job: This will mean unemployment, poverty and in the most extreme of cases, homelessness and hopelessness. To safe guard yourself here, work diligently, make yourself indispensable and as a back-up plan, work on a business plan should everything go South, you can be self-employed.

Fear of confrontation: In life, there is going to be conflict. As much as some of us love, many of us would rather avoid confrontation. Be as calm as you possibly can and approach every volatile situation with a level head.

Fear of being ridiculed: No one likes being ridiculed. Try your best not to put yourself in such a situation, but should it happen, brush it off with a light touch and forget about it. Obsessing over it will create animosity and hostility within you.

Fear of pain: Pain of any kind, be it physical or emotional is never really ideal. Unfortunately in life, you are going to experience some pain. The best way to deal with this is to simply learn how to deal with it. Every situation is different.

These are 10 rational fears that many of us face. The list of irrational fears is much longer and stranger.