For pain relief head to the kitchen

For pain relief head to the kitchen

When you’re in pain you automatically walk over to your medicine cabinet for your favorite painkillers but here’s a story that might have you change that habit especially since it might get you better results:
A lot of people live with pain, from chronic conditions like arthritis or joint pain, or maybe from starting a new exercise.
Instead of heading for the medicine cabinet to grab some aspirin you could try looking in your kitchen cabinet.

As cbs2’s emily smith explained, there are things in your kitchen that can help you feel better.
Teri rogacki is 34, but her rheumatoid arthritis and lupus had her in excruciating pain.
“It was awful. I felt like i was 90-years-old waking up every morning. It took me at least 45 minutes to get out of bed,” she said.
When traditional medicine didn’t work, rogacki tried tart cherry juice every day on the recommendation of dietician leslie bonci, and it worked.
“Thirty days later, my pain was gone. Completely gone,” she said.
The key is, it has to be tart, and you have to drink it every day; 8 oz. Of juice or one tablespoon of the concentrate.
Bonci said it’s just one of many food products that can reduce pain.

Saffron has been used for centuries.

“This is like gold. Very, very costly, because it’s very, very rare,” she said.
Saffron adds unique flavor to foods, but it can also be taken as a supplement.

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