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Top ways to boost your energy

Everyone has experienced a complete energy drain, which leaves you unable or unwilling to get yourself up and go. You may end up finding it more difficult to concentrate on tasks and begin to find your frustration levels rising and your patience declining. There are energy zappers all around us. Fortunately, there is a way around almost all of them. Here are the top ways you can beat fatigue and boost your energy.

Increase your Magnesium

Help ensure that your vitamin and mineral needs are met by eating a balanced diet. However, if you still feel exhausted, you may have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium, along with being needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, is also the primary mineral that breaks down glucose into energy. If you want to keep your energy levels high, you need to be sure to take in 300 milligrams of magnesium if you are a woman, and 350 milligrams if you are a man.

Take a Walk

Increasing your physical activity, particularly walking, has shown to be effective in improving energy levels. Walking is by far the simplest way to increase your physical activity because it can be done anywhere and doesn't require specific training or specialized equipment. Studies have shown that taking a quick 10-minute walk not only increases your energy, but the effects last up to two hours.

Take a Power Nap

Pushing your brain too hard and information overload can quickly zap energy, according to research. However, taking a 60-minute power nap can reverse the mind-numbing effects from information overload, as well as helping us better retain what we've learned.

Drink More Water and Less Alcohol

Even the smallest amount of dehydration can make you feel tired and lethargic. Drinking enough water throughout the day is an essential and easy way to boost your energy, especially after exercising. If you find that you are still feeling exhausted, even after getting a good night's sleep, you can try cutting out the amount of alcohol you drink during the evening hours. While alcohol may help you fall asleep, it can interfere with your deep sleep, resulting in you not getting the rest you think you are. By cutting down on the alcohol you consume before bedtime, you’ll get more sleep, which will help to increase your energy levels the next day.

As you may know, it can be challenging to make it through your day when you are feeling fatigued. Follow these simple tips, and you can begin to see a boost in your energy to help you get through your day.