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Snack Alterations for More Energy as You Age

As you age, it may be important to consider changing your eating habits – especially the way you snack. Healthy snacks can help boost your energy level and actually work to slow or reverse the aging process.

They can also improve your mood and digestion. Changing your snack habits might not be as bad as you think. Did you know that the top three foods which can boost your mood and energy levels include chocolate, coffee and protein-rich foods?

Here’s how these three power-foods can help boost your energy and mental acuity as you age:

Chocolate – Yum! One of the most desired of foods – chocolate is now touted in studies and medical reports to be one of the best foods to reduce stress and anxiety. Snacking on chocolate (in moderation, of course) reduces cortisol, a stress hormone which is known to cause symptoms of anxiety.

It also raises serotonin and endorphin levels which are neurotransmitters produced by the brain and are effective adjusting mood and brain chemistry. These elements are so powerful that they can even prevent pain and sadness and increase mental acuity. Body reactions like ecstasy and euphoria are also increased by snacking on chocolate.

How could some of us make it without our daily quotient of morning coffee? We rise from our sleep in a fog and so mentally challenged that we sometimes stumble to the kitchen.

After drinking a steaming cup of the miracle drink, our mood is usually boosted and we’re ready to face the day. Snacking on a caffeinated beverage such as a skinny latte or non-fat cappuccino can provide you with the boost of caffeine you need to boost your energy level, but keep you from the high-fat and sugar loaded alternatives.

A cup of java can be a great midday snack to enhance your mood and keep you active until it’s time to slow down in the evening. But, beware – too much coffee can cause depression and make you crave unhealthy snacks.

Maintain a healthy and energetic mindset with a snack of protein such as beef, eggs, chicken or fish. It’s also highly important to your body health to get enough protein in your daily diet plan.

Lack of protein can also cause multiple health problems such as muscle mass loss, immune deficiency, heart problems and respiratory concerns. An intake of about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight provides enough protein for a person who weighs about 150 pounds. Meeting your protein needs can give you the energy you need to function well as you age.


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