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How to Get Into Running for More Energy

If you’re looking to lose weight, improve your fitness and enhance your energy, there are few better activities than running.

Running is fantastic because it forces your body to provide you with lots of energy for an extended period of time. For the entire time you are jogging, your heart will be working harder, you’ll be breathing more heavily and you’ll be burning more glucose for sugar.

As you train in this way, your body will then become more and more efficient at all these performances. After a while, you will then reach the point where doing simple things like walking or working are something of a breeze.

The only problem? For many people running is boring, slow going and possibly even painful. Here are some tips then that can help you to get more into running and to learn to really enjoy it.

The Right Shoes

One thing that can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of running is the right pair of shoes. What’s more, this can also enhance your performance and prevent injury. If you are currently running in cheap trainers, then you’ll find this makes a huge difference.

Getting the right running shoes isn’t so easy though. You need to ensure that you get the right type of shoes for your specific stride. The best way to do this is to go to a running store and to get them to measure your stride on a treadmill. They can then tell you if you need a structured shoe to correct a pronation or supination, they can tell you whether you’re a neutral runner or you strike with your heel and they can recommend a more or less minimal shoe. Take the extra time, spend the extra money and you’ll find that the difference is more than worth it.

Learn to Track Yourself

Running is arguably harder to get into compared with weight lifting because you don’t necessarily see your progression as clearly. With weight lifting, you’ll constantly push yourself to lift heavier and will see a clear improvement whereas with running, it’s much harder to tell your speed or the distance you have run without the necessary equipment.

Most smartphones nowadays contain a pedometer and there are plenty of apps available to download that can tell you how fast you have been running and the distance you have gone. Keeping track of these will clearly show you how much your fitness and energy levels have improved, giving you motivation to keep going ad to push yourself even harder. The hard work will pay off!