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Why More Experts Now Recommend More Fat

Fat used to be hailed as an enemy of every dieter who struggled to lose weight. Maybe it’s because it’s fat that we’re trying to lose, but the fat that you eat isn’t all bad. In fact, eating more of it might actually make your weight loss journey a bit easier!

If you’ve traditionally been cutting calories and fat from your diet, you may have noticed how bland your foods are. They also don’t fulfill your hunger needs for very long. That’s because fat gives you both flavor and fullness.

The key is to get the right kinds of fat. For example, olive oil is a fat that is very healthy in more ways than one. Not only does it give you a fuller feeling after a meal, but it flavors your food nicely and contributes to a healthier heart.

Don’t avoid things like full fat milk or cheese. It’s better to have a smaller portion of full fat, flavorful products than it is to eat larger portions of the fat free items that simply keep you hungry shortly after a meal.

If you like using fats in cooking, such as using marbled steaks or real butter, then you may want to consider a low carb, high protein and high fat diet. This way, you can fry chicken or grill a beautiful steak out and even pair it with broccoli and cheese or some other delicious side item.

If you’re into desserts, then consider making fat bombs for your post-meal snack. Fat bombs are made with a healthy coconut oil, a sweetener like Stevia, cocoa powder, and flavored extracts for example.

They’re bite sized concoctions that pack a powerful, sweet taste and plenty of fat, but keep you in a low carb state so that your body gains energy and fullness, without the blood sugar spike of a regular carb-laden dessert.

Doctors say that sugar is more of an enemy than fat is. But most consumers simply connect the two as one in the same. If something has fat, then it’s “bad” for you. This isn’t the case.

Researchers have seen dieters cut sugar and fats in various studies and cutting fat hasn’t worked over the course of several decades, while sugar being cut from someone’s diet did produce good results.

This doesn’t mean you want to go load up on trans fats in your diet. Those are the unhealthy versions. You want natural, healthy fats like the marbling in meat, real butter, peanut butter and coconut oil.