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The Most Popular Intermittent Fasting Methods

The Most Popular Intermittent Fasting Methods

There have been numerous research studies that prove intermittent fasting works for weight loss and delivers other health benefits as well. If you are considering it then there are different intermittent fasting methods that you can choose from.

All of the popular methods shown in this article will produce results for you. They have all been tested and people have seen good results from them. You may have seen some of these methods before. Some of them are best sellers.

There is a principle with intermittent fasting that you need to understand. The longer that you are able to fast the better results you will achieve. That’s why there are so many methods out there that have different eating and fasting windows.

When you are just starting out with intermittent fasting it is essential that you do not try to do too much. It is going to take time for your body to adjust to not eating all day so we recommend that you choose an easy method to begin with. Here are three of the most popular intermittent fasting methods:

1. Lean Gains 8:16

Lean Gains or the 8:16 intermittent fasting method is far and away the most popular. The reason for this is because it is most likely the easiest method to adopt. You have an eating window of 8 hours and a fasting window of 16 hours.

While you will see good results with the 8:16 method even if you eat what you want during your eating window, it is recommended that you change to a healthier diet if this is necessary. You will get better results when you do this. The important thing is that you feel full when your eating window closes.

You will probably already be fasting for 8 hours a day while you sleep so the adjustment to 16 hours of fasting is not as bad as some of the other intermittent fasting methods. This is a great method to get started with.

2. The Warrior Diet 4:20

If you want to see better fat burning results then you can look at the Warrior Diet. This is not for the feint hearted as there is only a 4 hour eating window and a 20 hour fasting window. With only 4 hours to eat it is unlikely that you will be able to consume more than one large meal or two small meals.

This is an intermittent fasting method that we recommend you consider once you have been on the 8:16 method for a while and your mind and body are used to the fasting concept.

3. Eat Stop Eat Fasting For Whole Days

This is another popular intermittent fasting method that produces good results. Here you will eat for a couple of days and then fast for a full day. In a week you are going to be fasting for 2 or 3 days.

Can you handle fasting for an entire day? It is not something that you should do to start your intermittent fasting journey as it will be extremely difficult for you to maintain. But after a while you can think about scaling up to this method.

So we recommend that you start with Lean Gains and 8:16 fasting and get used to this. You can then make the change to the Warrior 4:20 method and finally to fasting full days with Eat Stop Eat. Just start with the easiest method and work your way up.

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