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5 Easy Steps To Conquer Your Fears


Fear is a natural response to different situations that has evolved with us over a certain period of years. Under the normal circumstances, fear usually triggers the fight-or-flight responses that allow us to respond quickly to threats thus increasing our chances of survival. However, fear can easily turn into an irrational fear (a phobia) and create great distress which interferes with our daily life. As a result, it is important to find way by which you can conquer the fear. The article below gives a detailed explanation on how to conquer all your fears. Here are the 5 Easy steps to conquer your fears:

  1. Rational or Irrational?

Firstly, you should ask yourself what part of the fear is irrational and the part that is rational. If the fear is rational, then what can you actually do to reduce the fear?

If the fear is irrational, you may need to take on another perspective of the situation that will offer you with better support.

  1. The Worst and Best

Most of the times we do not even consider what’s the worst thing that can really happen. We assume that the worst is something which is inconceivable because we’re only paying attention to all our feelings. Ask yourself what’s the worst thing that may happen. When we look at the worst possible thing that can happen, we usually realize that it is not so bad at all.

You should then focus on the best thing that can happen and get clear on benefits of how this will impact positively on your life. When you have a clear view on the best and the worst, you will start feeling more motivated so as to keep pushing forward since the best will always be a million times better as compares to the worst.

  1. Challenge your thoughts

Most of the times you probably accept thoughts which bombard your mind daily as the plain truth, and worse still, you choose to act on them. These thoughts usually come from the beliefs that you have about the world which were formed from your friends, family and other influences in your life. You’ve developed several beliefs that support you as well as those that do not support you. If you do not challenge your thoughts and accept them instead as the truth, then you’re setting up yourself for self-sabotage.

You should ask yourself; is this a belief or fact? If it’s a belief, then challenge it in case it is not supporting you.

  1. Using images

This is a very powerful tool that’s completely underutilized by most people. Your mind normally responds better to images and you may not be tapping well into this. When you do not have an idea on how a certain thing will play out or work out, you can imagine all types of scenarios, unfortunately most of them will be negative ones.

Find a very quiet place and then try to do this for five minutes. In the mind’s eye, you should imagine the outcome which you would love, then see it in the bright colors, listen to the words that you want to listen to and feel whatever you would like to feel.

If you can make these images alive and then see the outcome that you really want, then your mind will start calming down immediately.

  1. Talk about it

Lastly, you should talk about it. Most of the people around you share similar fears and there’s a wealth of advice that could help you to move forward from people around you. Do not suffer alone. When you decide to talk about the fears that you have, you will release the negative energy thus you’ll automatically feel better.

Do not give into something which you can really control. It’s better to face all your fears now and then enjoy the rewards later than to giving your dreams and then face that later.