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4 Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting

4 Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting

If you decide that you’d like to try intermittent fasting, you’ll need to choose which method you’re going to use. One of these is known as alternate day fasting. It’s an easy eating plan to follow because you won’t have to count calories.

You can fast for one day, but then on the next day, you don’t. This works for a lot of people who find diets too difficult because they struggle to avoid certain foods that they like.

When you’re on your fasting day with this eating plan, you still consume beverages as long as they don’t contain any calories. You should drink plenty of water. But you can also have drinks like unsweetened tea.

Some people use what’s known as a modified alternate day fasting where they allow themselves to have 500 calories or less on the day they’re fasting. Whichever one you choose, on the day that you’re not fasting, you’re free to eat healthy meals.

Many followers of this eating plan discovered that it’s easier to lose weight because by not eating on certain days, they feel like they’re more in tune with taking care of their bodies.

Exercising on an alternate day fasting plan is still possible. Another intermittent fasting choice is the 5:2 method. Some people think it means that you have to do without eating at all for two days, but that’s not true.

With this type of fasting, it means that you consume food the way that you normally would for five days out of seven. But for two of the days of the week, then you eat a lot less than you normally would.....

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